Call center

Contact Center

Provide service for a call center operation work


Operation of city gas call center

General counseling of city gas Payment method Receiption of conneting and removing burner Information about construction and supply

Emergency Reception
Process and receive customer complaints

Mobile Customer Center Chat Counseling

Unpaid Management of City Gas

Collect unpaid city gas charges Establish process and build system

- Telephone information,Counseling and field work
- Overall management(Home use/Non-home use)

Document processing management by area
Separation of notice, Relocation processing

Research and

Conduct a survey on customer satisfaction
- Research Service and safe manager satisfaction, fulfillment
- Monitoring for customer center manager counseling and feedback

Make a report for improving service satisfaction and diagnose level


Make a manual for city gas work and counseling Provide tranining focused on implement
- Telephone service skill, Business manner Emotional communication skill
- Process of CS leader training
- Emotional labor, Process of stress management