Employment Process

Types of Recruitment
· Interns, new employees, career employees
· Regular recruitment / Non-scheduled recruitment
Qualification for Application
· Prefer University major, job experiences and certifications which are related with Jobs
· Anyone can apply regardless age
Job Application Method
· Online job application

Submit application letter, resume and certificates to

Recruitment Process

Each applicant should check the job postings and then complete and submit an online job application form.


Applicants’ qualifications, work experience, personal qualities, etc. are examined in relation to the relevant job.


In a working-level interview, the applicant’s practical skills are evaluated through questions asked by interviewers.


In an interview with executives, the applicant’s basic qualities are evaluated through questions asked by interviewers.


A health examination is conducted only for those applicants who have passed the interviews.


Successful applicants are personally notified of their final acceptance for employment. When you have submitted the required documents for joining the Company after notification of your final acceptance for employment, it is confirmed that you have joined the Company.